Take 1 - 

Now, I love me some summer.  After my first year living in NYC, I finally realized what SAD was - that is, Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Confession: the first and only time I ever heard this used was in that little movie Emma Roberts was in called Wild Child.  Yes, I did watch this.  Yes, I watched it more than once alright?  Now, I’m back in good old Atlanta, and the sun is my best friend, next to SPF of course.  My mission for the summer is to soak up enough sun to get me through another New York winter… ugh.  Tanning gives you the color, but what gives you the glow?  Shimmer lotions? No, thank you, I don’t play well with glitter.  Body oil?  No, thank you, my clothes don’t play well with residue.

Take 2 -

Introducing my new summer love, c. Booth’s Nourishing Dry Oil Mist!  

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Toner Problems


Take 1-

There was a tragedy in my bathroom this morning - a cotton ball explosion. I’m officially joining the “No More Cotton Balls” club!  Really, why do I even have them?  I think they are left over from the old days when I still used them to apply my toner. Well, those days are long over.  Those little white demons only took up space and money - plus they soaked up so much toner, it was a waste!

Cotton Balls aka White Demons

Take 2 -

Spray bottles!

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